Who are we?

We are a community of people from different disciplines and sectors, with diverse interests, knowledge and skills, committed to ensuring compliance with Human Rights in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Our work focuses on Spain, but anyone interested in collaborating is welcome to do so regardless of location.

Why have we created Algorights?

The evolution of AI poses unprecedented ethical and moral challenges that have recently been the subject of debate in both the public and private spheres. At ALGORIGHTS we believe this context presents a unique opportunity for this technology to be designed, developed and implemented democratically and in a way that safeguards human rights.

We therefore defend the participation of civil society in this debate. If we want democratic and fair AI, civil society must be present in and be part of the decision-making spaces regarding the conceptualization, design, development, implementation and evaluation of AI.

With this objective in mind, we want to create a collaborative network to promote the participation of people and civil society organizations in the field of AI technologies from a human rights-based approach. A network that promotes and creates knowledge in relation to AI in order to contribute to the democratization of knowledge by fostering critical thinking throughout society. We seek, among other things, to promote evaluation and research tools in order to foster algorithmic transparency in public administrations and the private sector.

Our values

At ALGORIGHTS we strive to be an OPEN and INCLUSIVE community. Anyone who has the willingness and time can take part and help to promote the democratization of access, creation and application of AI knowledge with a Human Rights approach. The greater the number of perspectives and experiences, the better our work will be.

ALGORIGHTS is also a MULTIDISCIPLINARY and PLURAL space. We are a group of people from different fields with diverse expertise. We are united in our desire for civil society to play a key role in the development of AI, and we do this through CRITICAL thinking and COLLABORATION.

Our community is based on TRANSPARENCY. We believe that being clear and showing how processes work are beneficial to society.

The community is made up of people with different views and ideological stances who share a common focus on the DEFENCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Our work functions ORGANICALLY and is constantly evolving.